Ziggy LaVelle


Highly experienced professional with impressive career achievements. Strong personality with accomplished business development, buying, design and manufacturing experience. Highly self-motivated and successful individual with a notable leadership skills in a rapidly changing global market. Vast end-to-end expertise within the retail fashion industry. Passionate about learning & development and transferring career experiences to a new generation of fashionistas. Motivated to promote and improve ethical sourcing and human rights.

Martin Keelagher


Martin is an entrepreneurial, ambitious and intellectually curious individual; he thrives in an intense and demanding environment.

In his current role as a Director of the boutique Venture Capital and Advisory business; Walford Cunningham & Hayes, he holds a number of positions, that of Advisor, Partner and Director, working with a select number of clients to aid them in maximising the full potential within their businesses. Advising on Strategy, Business Development and funding requirements, to name but a few key areas.

He also acts as trusted advisor and portfolio manager to Walford Cunningham & Hayes’ investment portfolio, maximising value within the businesses and taking an active role in driving them forward.

Outside of Martin’s commercial roles, he also holds a number of Trustee positions and Directorships within Charties and Not-for-profit organisations.

Walford Cunningham & Hayes are always keen to hear from businesses that are looking for an advisor or investor who understands their needs, wants and aspirations.

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